9 Signs You’re In A Good Relationship

We all want to be loved and desired by the right person. But sometimes the person we love may be right but the relationship is not going well. What distinguishes the right relationship from the wrong one? What are the signs of a good relationship? Find out if you are in one

Relationships are tough things. We often realize that we are in a bad relationship but end up holding onto it because we have already been in it for the long haul. Sometimes love blinds us too much to know whether or not we are nursing a dead relationship. Other times, we’re in a perfectly healthy and generally fulfilling relationship but we end it because we’re just not sure about it!

So, how can you be sure when to cut the rope and when to call the shots?
Whereas deal breakers are different and are subjective to everyone out there. But there are certain signs that tell you whether or not you are in the right relationship. You must be asking, why do we need to know if you are in the right relationship or not?

To save your love time and effort from being wasted. These signs of a good relationship can act as potential solutions to transform your relationship into a healthy one. Read below about how to know if you are in the right relationship.

Here are 9 signs you are in a good relationship:

  1. Zero Mind Games.
    Often with time, our relationship dynamics change. While these changes are normal, how you handle change makes a huge difference.

Differences in a relationship begin to emerge when silence invades space, unrealistic expectations are set, complaints begin to pour in, pent-up resentments build up and grudges build up and as sex becomes mechanical, love fades and every company becomes mundane and interrupted.

We start manipulating each other to sort things out instead of resorting to more mature conflict resolution techniques. If you use love, appreciation, understanding, open communication, forgiveness, and respect in a relationship as a way to sort things out, rather than play dirty mind games, you’re doing it right.

  1. You both have the same goal.
    Individuality is necessary because over-reliance on the other person may hinder the growth of the relationship. Embedded personal boundaries are also undesirable. But when two people have the same mental make-up and their belief system coincides, the understanding between the partner increases.

If one of you wants to grow, accept, and progress in the relationship and the other person wants to remain stuck in the mess, regret, and hold on to negativity regarding the relationship, the relationship becomes stagnant. It is important for both partners to be on the same page.

  1. There are no barriers to communication.
    Some connections are difficult as you know they will eventually hurt you or your partner. But communication isn’t just an important tool for a successful relationship, it’s the relationship. Listen without defense and speak without offending.

Both partners need open and honest communication. The truth is better as soon as possible. Chasing a lie will never get you to your destination. Remove doubts and settle things. If the communication between you is useful rather than argumentative, then you are going in the right direction.

  1. You support each other.
    You’re both a team and a team sport for that matter. You never let the other person hit rock bottom. Mutual support and strength is what you give each other. If one person falls behind, the other person kicks the drive to move forward.

Not only that, you both inspire each other to be better versions of themselves. This constant desire to thrive on change and embrace total growth is what makes your relationship such a positive one.

  1. Unrealistic expectations are rigidly restricted.
    Everything is imperfect. If you struggle to find perfection in your partner, you will do so in vain. When we set unreasonable expectations for our partners, we fail to enjoy and appreciate what we already have.

A relationship that operates on realistic goals and expectations will survive whatever obstacles appear. Accept your partner as they are, without complaining about all the things you missed. Find the things you have that others might miss and feel lucky.

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  1. True expression of feelings.
    Love is all about being able to tear down flesh and blood as we are. It’s about being vulnerable and expressing feelings that you’ve suppressed within yourself for so long. Break down all the walls that you have created around yourself and let your true feelings come out.

Stop getting defensive with your partner. Your partner is your person. Create for each other a warm and conducive environment for openness. It’s okay to cry, break down, and pull each other down sometimes. A relationship entails a healthy mix of pain and pleasure.

The right relationship allows you to bring out your deepest feelings, fears, and desires without the fear of being judged.

  1. You can respectfully disagree.
    Just as the similarity is important, so is respect for differences. You may prefer coffee to tea and your partner may prefer tea to coffee but that should not be a reason for disrespect to breed.

Both of you are free to choose and have contradictory opinions but the way you deal with the difference in choice makes all the difference. If your partner can respect and value your decisions and mindset without trying to adjust them to his or her needs, then you have succeeded in understanding your relationship.

  1. Your fights are fruitful.
    The right relationship is not one without fights, but one with many fights with a high payoff. Every fight between the two of you should end with a greater insight into the subject matter of the argument.

A productive fight is about understanding each other, compromising, finding common ground, and respecting each other’s mental set. Such fights will not generate anger and hurt.

  1. Distractors don’t play spoiler sports.
    Don’t give in to petty temptations that fall outside the norm of your relationship, either you or your partner. You both have your set value system and you both respect each other for that.

You prioritize each other before other people, work, or your friends. Both of you are dedicated to the relationship and have the maturity to keep the promises you make. The right relationship is always built on strong foundations of trust and reliability.

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What do you think of some great relationship signs? How do you contribute to making your relationship healthy and successful? Tell us in the comments section what is your idea of a solid relationship.