The Reason Why it is a Big Mistake to Give Up on Love

The pain that failed relationships cause, leaving us hurt and broken, naturally gives rise to a slew of confusing feelings and bitter thoughts that make us want to give up on love forever. But giving up on love is not the right way out of a disappointing relationship. The reason is that love is the thing that makes up your being. Yes, as silly as it may sound, the truth is we are all made of love!

Love is not just a feeling. It is a state of your being. Honorable spiritual teachings, such as Ramkrishna, explain to us the nature of great love or ultimate love, which is the source of everything.

According to these wise souls, love is at the very foundation of the fabric of the universe, and as such is present at the very core of man. This all-encompassing energy makes the world go round. All creations are manifestations of the mighty force called love.

As a result, it is only by nurturing the divine power of love within ourselves that we can experience true happiness and find meaning in life. When we choose to let go of love, we are disconnecting from our true nature, which simply wants love to give and receive; Thus, we become confused, disoriented, and unhappy beings.

Giving up on what we’ve made is the biggest mistake we can make! Love gives us a sense of togetherness. By banishing love from our lives, we feel numb in our souls. Everything seems meaningless, we lose our sense of purpose in life.

Don’t blame love for pain

When things aren’t working out in a relationship, we think love is to blame for our hurt feelings.

“I was a fool to fall in love.”

“I will never allow myself to fall in love again.”

“Love only causes pain. I can’t stand so much pain, so I give up on love!” – I often hear things like this. But would you believe me if I said that this is not love, or that you are in love with so much pain?

If we are to hold something responsible for our pain, it has to be the misconceptions about love that we have implanted in our minds. the ideas we have about love, what ideal relationships should be like, what is right and wrong in love; And our firm belief in these notions is what really causes the pain.

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Most of us are oblivious to the spiritual nature of love. Our love is usually one of controlling our partner, with our ego making the decisions, rather than our soul. In the name of love, we play with God in the lives of those we love. We think we know what is best for the other person and try to influence their fate. But in the process, we often rob them of their freedom and become a hindrance in the path they were meant to take. Every soul wants to cross freely, to live authentically. But when we get involved, things often go terribly wrong.

True love means not wanting to change or lock someone up. True love only cares about loving wholeheartedly, without demands and expectations; It is unconditional.

We have come away from this selfless, unadulterated nature of love. Instead, we fill our heads with toxic thoughts about love that ultimately cause pain and emotional turmoil in relationships. So, if you are experiencing heartbreak, don’t blame and give up on love. Let go of your misconceptions that stain the divine elements of love. Let go of your attachment. Excessive attachment is unhealthy, and is the root cause of all sadness.

Get rid of the idea that attachment and love are one and the same. They are enemies. Attachment is what destroys all love – Chanakya

We confuse love with attachment with all sorts of harmful feelings. Attachment leads to dependence and fear and is actually a manifestation of self-love rather than love for another person.

Most people who claim to know everything about love are actually unaware of the infinite nature of love. Their misconceptions about love permeate our societies and cultures, influencing the way we approach relationships.

Let love be a liberating journey

True love frees the soul and is a liberating experience. It only leads us towards good feelings. It does not hold back and does not oblige – this is the function of the ego, the enemy of love. True love is able to manifest from all possible distances, whether that person lives across town or on another continent. There is no doubt that you long to be around the person you love at all times. But if two souls are really united, the distance becomes insignificant.

Expectations have become a huge part of relationships. We rarely accept our partners exactly as they are. Rather, we want to change this and that about them. We expect our love to last forever. With so much expectation, we are bound to suffer.

Many of your relationships may not work out, but that is no reason not to want to love again.

It is necessary to realize that each of us is an individual and free being. Just as you want to be free, so does your partner. When you love someone, the best thing you can do is to always allow that person to be their independent and authentic self. Release them and allow them to be who they wish to be, to go wherever they want to go. And remember, when two souls bond together, the connection is always pure. If the relationship is short-lived, it does not mean that the love they share is any less deep than it is in a longer-lasting relationship.

The truth is, we can never be sure of the longevity of anything in life, including the relationships we form with another person. So all we can do is love wholeheartedly, love pure and without reservation, without attachment and expectations. Treasure the rare connection between two souls. Give it all. Every time.

The more you try to control and limit each other, the louder the soul will rebel and try to break free from bondage; Which results in clashes, bitterness and pain.

Have you ever wondered why so many people regret their marriages these days? Because instead of being a celebration of love, marriage has become a way to imprison each other. If people feel they can no longer be themselves with their partners; When their right to be free, true, and unique spirits is taken away, they naturally try to break free from the institution that locks them in.

Hence, I firmly believe that if we change our perspective on love, relationship, and marriage, we will not have to suffer in love.

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Giving up on love is not the answer. love does not hurt; Rather, it enlightens the souls that give and receive. Never forget that we are made with love, thus spreading the love is the best thing we can do.

Do you still feel that love is the cause of our heart setbacks? Or would you agree that it’s the misconceptions regarding love and how relationships should unfold that cause all the unwanted pain? Do leave your thoughts in the comments section below.