10 Things You Need To Know Before Dating An Outgoing Introvert

The term “extroverted introvert” is an oxymoron. Such a concept, extroverted introverts are hard to understand. In other words, it is a set of paradoxes.

Sometimes they enjoy the lights. The next minute, for no apparent reason, they simply want to be alone. They can happily engage in conversation, but they will be quiet and listen to others. This may be the reason, why some people feel that dating an introverted extrovert can be difficult.

Such stark contrasts appear in some people’s personalities because they lie in extroversion and introversion. This is also known as duplication.

Dating an outgoing introvert is not easy because you will have a hard time understanding what kind he is or how he will react on any given occasion. These introverts can be considered mysterious and enigmatic and not everyone may enjoy their company.

If you’re interested in dating an outgoing introvert, why not learn what you’re up against and decide if you have the patience and wit to decipher these walking talking mysteries.

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10 Things you need to know before dating an outgoing introvert

  1. Even when you meet after a long day, they can be annoyingly aloof.
    It is likely that you will be disappointed when you realize that your presence is not likable or favored even if you met after several days. Don’t feel bad about this because it’s not about you.

Your introverted, outgoing partner may want to pick up steam after draining a lot of social energy. They usually like to relax and recover on their own.

  1. They can liven up any party, but sometimes….
    These people are self-absorbed and also introspective by nature. Although they are seen as extroverts, in reality they are not. They think a lot about their actions and are always on their guard. Mostly they live in their heads.
  2. They will only express their desire to those they truly love.
    If an outgoing introvert expresses a desire for you, don’t be suspicious. If they express that, then they really like you.

They hate wasting their time on people they aren’t completely crazy about. If they ask you out on a date, be 100% sure of their true feelings.

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  1. Sometimes they avoid contact on the phone.
    When you’re dating an outgoing introvert, he can ignore messages and phone calls without any worries and he can do that even with his best friend.

If phone calls and messages seem to interfere with what they are focusing on, they will avoid such intrusions. Once they focus on something, their minds usually don’t take a sharp turn. Please don’t take it personally!

  1. They will listen to everything you have to say.
    Introverts can be of different types and this makes extroverted introverts good listeners. When you are together, they will listen to you for hours.

An introvert will always be able to understand your feelings and thoughts and can handle any challenge with ease. They always tune in to how you feel and make you jump to the deep end.

  1. They won’t let you know their feelings until they know yours.
    The outgoing, introverted personality usually stays calm until they test the waters. They don’t like the idea of opening up or telling others everything about themselves in the first meeting or maybe even the first year. So, be patient enough and enjoy their life story little by little!

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  1. They are selectively social.
    When you’re dating an introverted extrovert, always remember that their energy levels depend on their environment. If they engage with the crowd, they will feel energized. Otherwise, they get upset easily and tend to be really introspective and introspective.

They do not hate people, but small talk is a barrier to communication for them. They would rather be alone in the house than mingle with someone they don’t socialize with.

  1. They hate the usual first date.
    Because they hate small talk, they don’t prefer a more formal kind of dating that mainly consists of ‘hi’, ‘hi’, ‘tell me what you’re doing’…etc. Most of the time they indulge in overthinking, so these introverts don’t want dating to be a brainstorming activity.

Rather, something that could comfort them. But there’s something more to it than just “getting to know you” questions. Avoid embarrassment at all costs, when dating an outgoing introvert!

    They interact with everyone because they want to make everyone feel comfortable. They are sensitive to what other people are feeling so try to talk to everyone.

It may seem as though they are flirting with everyone. But she is just as intuitive and outgoing at the same time.

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  1. They can see through lies.
    Extroverted introverts can notice the smallest details and can notice even those things that others don’t notice. This is why they can easily catch you in the act if you try to deceive them.

Dating an introverted extrovert sounds like an adventure, right? Have you ever dated one? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!