Why You Should Be With The Person Who Doesn’t Try To Change You But Helps You Grow

Do you love someone who isn’t trying to change you but who inspires you to grow? Well my friend, don’t let them go! Here’s why…

“People grow well when they are loved. If you want to help others heal, love them without an agenda.” ~ Mike Maharaj

It is unreasonable to love someone in the hope that they will turn into someone we love to be. It is better not to think about such thoughts, from the very beginning of the relationship.

Loving someone is so much more than just romantic feelings. It means total acceptance including those things we don’t particularly like. This means celebrating every part of that person.

Most relationships begin and develop with the hope that the person we love will start or stop doing certain things that make us happy.
Truth be told, this is not love.

It is trying to shape someone our way according to our desires.

We are far from loving someone when we try to change them. We want to love the person we want to become, a different individual, a different personality, not the person we see at the moment.

It’s a lot like changing a dress that we like but doesn’t quite fit us.

We want the garment to be shaped and trimmed so that it gives us the desired appearance – we also want to remove the traits in the person and transform them into someone who can be a good fit for our situation in life.

We indeed want things our way, but love requires more.
It should be unconditional, and it’s not that easy.

Love in itself is a daring thing to do. It is not for the faint of heart, selfishness, and selfishness. So, if you dare to love, dare to love what a person is and love someone who is not trying to change you.

Expecting someone to change on our terms cannot be compatible with love.
We do it when we have no idea who we want to be with – their past, present, life experiences, and where they are going. It simply means that we have no understanding of their journey.

Pressuring them to make changes may distort their chosen path of growth. We can finish them off completely ruining their lives.

It’s not love and you should know it.

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Why don’t we love someone without expecting that they will be what we want them to be? Let us love them know well, our objective love has its own mind and consciousness and will grow beautifully but into something completely different.

Do we want to poke at every step? Could we feel love or desire if someone told us that they would love us more if we dressed a certain way, didn’t mix with the opposite sex, didn’t laugh or talk loudly like we do?

No, we can not. Most of us don’t want to do anything with this person.

So, waiting is vital. Do not rush. Don’t be ready to be swept away by someone who wants us to change the road.

Instead, fall in love with the person who is not trying to change you but who understands your journey.
We will grow they know, but differently.

You know you have the best relationship when there are no rules and no conditions. Everyone in that relationship has complete freedom to move in the direction their heart desires.

This doesn’t mean we don’t care what we think about our partners or what they think of us. It’s about good love so that each of us can inspire the other to grow. But when two people relate to each other in such a way that they feel free, they do not allow their ego to control someone.

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Real partners help each other develop into something better. They expose their partner to physical, mental, and spiritual revelation and awareness to achieve their best self.

Sometimes love has such a positive effect on us that we become more of who we are – something we never knew we could be.

However, we engage in relationships with people who love certain parts of us and despise comfort. And we’re still imagining what it means to be lovable.

The biggest indicator of true love is that it aims to nurture you and make you better. It is the feeling of freedom and peace that washes you away whenever your lover embraces you.

This knowledge stems from knowing that there is no need to do anything special to get your partner’s love. The same applies to us and we do not want to shape or reform our partners but love them in their completeness.

We know their dark side, their weaknesses, and the things they won’t show to the world. We know the pain and suffering they’ve been through, accept their scars, and let them know that we understand what they’ve been through.

This kind of love is not only unreal but it is also a secret that few of us know. This is why we surrender ourselves to those people who constantly make us struggle to live up to their expectations.

This continues until we understand what love means. When we learn what we need from our beloved and aren’t ashamed of his affirmation, this cycle is broken.

We have to believe that we deserve to be accepted to our full potential and will only be with someone who can become a part of the journey into our evolution.

When we connect with our love as sophisticated people into someone who can get it from the highest, we know we’ve found that kind of love. Then love becomes beautiful where someone can see the light within us that others cannot see.

Love in the hope of inspiring someone to grow means that there is no result of a particular relationship dynamic.

There are no traditional indicative signs by which to judge this type of romantic union – but this does not mean that it cannot include living together in marriage, or even children; It just means that none of this is a condition of a successful and loving relationship.

Practically speaking, there are no certain characteristics that will help you recognize this type of love. It can well culminate in marriage and children, and sometimes it may not always turn out to be something similar.

Each of us is supposed to continue to grow, and what we care about or explore will be different every year.

We must try new things, read new material, and experience discovering what kind of person we are, and what kind of life we ​​want to live. The nice thing is that some lovers will help us do all that and so much more.

Being dynamic individuals, we are subject to changes and with time we want to try new things. A true partner will help you achieve all of that. It will never stop you from experimenting and exploring

Because love inspires us to grow. It does not restrict or stifle. The magic of love truly unfolds when we learn to love someone for who they are. So don’t try to change someone you love!