10 Signs You Are In A Codependent Relationship

Relationships affect us and affect us more than anything else. But over-reliance on your partner makes the relationship unhealthy. Are you in a dependent relationship? Discover the tags below!

Writer Elizabeth Gilbert, who writes Eat Pray Love in her book, talks about her psychic friend who was involved in counseling Cambodian refugees. This task was also serious and arduous.

I discovered that those people who had had traumatic experiences during their journey wanted to talk only about their relationships.

There are a lot of things that can make us happy or sad but not as much as our relationships. Sometimes they pose the greatest challenges and also become the cause of the greatest happiness. When viewed from a spiritual perspective, they are like the appointments that life imposes on us.

They create opportunity-like conditions that help us see clearly those areas that need treatment. These situations arise in the context of our relationship with others that provide the opportunity to understand our behavioral patterns, our triggers, and our barriers.

Dependence means feeling dependent on someone. Feeling that our existence is impossible without them. We look to them to validate our actions or whatever we might do.

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We cannot feel happy or satisfied without them. We cannot even feel complete in their absence. This actually prevents us from understanding our potential and bringing out the best in us. When we cannot grow personally, we cannot be better individuals, and therefore, we limit our ability to achieve positivity in a relationship.

Although we are in a relationship of interdependence, we can hardly understand that we are applying patterns relating to such a relationship.

This is because we were brought up to believe in some myths about how relationships work, especially the ones we are romantically involved in. Most of these false beliefs fuel dependence.

When do we realize that we are living in a co-dependent relationship?
People may live this way for years and still not know until they face the reality that usually brings about the circumstances that distinguish them from the other person. It could be a breakup or death or something. This is when the fear of being alone and the insecurity of exclusion and despair come to the surface and we can see them.

A kind of emptiness creeps in because we no longer have that external source of love and attention on which we relied so heavily. So long in a relationship, we’ve made someone the center of our universe, the ultimate source of love and happiness.

When that center of our universe disappears, we struggle to find something to cling to. We are left helpless. That’s when we realized we were in a co-dependent relationship.

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But you can’t undo your past. You can give yourself another chance to approach your life differently. There are always better ways that can lead us to self-awakening, which allows us to make drastic changes to our being.

One can walk the spiritual path. It begins by changing the relationship one share with oneself. The first step on this journey of self-awakening is to identify what brought me into my self-reliant relationship. Why was I driven by fear and my relationship wasn’t love?

What may seem like intense love may not be love. It might just be the fear of feeling lonely or having to face the world alone. Acceptance may be required.

10 Signs You’re in an Adopting Relationship

  1. You can’t imagine being without the person
    This is how anyone who is truly and completely in love should feel, right? But in fact, it is far from the truth. You cannot expect someone to complete you. You have to be perfect in your way. What can an imperfect person bring into a relationship? You can feel fulfilled and fulfilled and enjoy the person in your life when it is complete.
  2. You expect them to behave a certain way
    To feel or show love, your partner must act the way you want them to. This means that your love is based on the fulfillment of certain conditions. You don’t want the other person to be who they are. This is conditional love, not love.
  3. You are playing the victim
    If you are looking for someone to make you happy, and when they don’t, you blame others. You must first be happy from within, only then can others bring us happiness.
  1. You are the caregiver.
    When there are two adults in a relationship, they must be strong enough to take care of themselves. If you act as a caregiver for someone unable to take care of themselves, the relationship will not grow. Spiritual growth leads us in the right direction. We get the strength to take care of ourselves and get independent that way. Thus, we can be our best selves, and we don’t need to live as a victim or helpless.
  2. You try to control everything in the relationship.
    There is so much fear inside you that you want to control the other person and situation. You are afraid that if you don’t, the relationship will end or fail. Give in to everything, and let things unfold as they should. Everything will be fine, but you have to let go first.
  3. You maintain without filling yourself
    You made the other person the center of your attention, even the reason for your survival. You put them first and you put yourself last. This happens from a lack of self-love. When you don’t nourish yourself, fill yourself up, but keep giving, anger and frustration are bound to build up.
  4. Your happiness lies in the other person.
    Stop looking for your happiness in your partner and try to find the source of your happiness within. Connect with yourself and find that true source of happiness that does not depend on anyone else. When you do, others will be happy to have you.
  5. There is no feeling of freedom

If it is your love, you will be free to do whatever you want and will not have to follow the desires of others. Any attempt to bind people to rules is born only from fear.

  1. You want to be saved.
    It is common psychology. If your life is in shambles, save yourself. Don’t expect someone to do that for you. Be your savior. Let your man be what he wants to be. Free him from the expectation that he must be your savior.
  2. You think you deserve the love you want.
    Know that giving love is more important than getting it. Discover this infinite source of love within you. You will get much more love than you give to others.