Feeling Down? 5 Reasons Why You Feel Like Shit And What To Do About It

Frustrated or feeling down? Me too, my friend. The key word here is “feeling”. Feelings are strange if you ask me. Emotions make life complicated. It destroys relationships, families, and even jobs. It makes you feel like you are filthy and you want to bang your head against the wall. But that’s not entirely true, is it?

Not all emotions drive you down. After all, who would we be if we didn’t feel anything? Emotions make us who we are and add meaning to our lives. The secret is to identify the negative feelings that make you feel disgusted and know how to deal with them.

Dear Negative Vibes, Thanks for making me feel shit
Yes, I know we must experience the full range of human emotions to experience the depth of what it means to be alive. Emotions add color to our lives, some bright and some dark. It makes life wonderful and interesting and all jazz up. blah. blah. blah. I get it. But I hate feeling shit and feeling down all the time. All these stupid feelings take up so much space in my mind and heart and it’s like I’m falling apart and I have no idea what to do about it. Well, I’m walking around now. But that’s what some intense negative emotions make us feel. As if we are losing control of ourselves and our lives. It’s painful and confusing. Worst of all, it destroys our relationships. One moment everything seems to be fine and perfect, the next moment everything starts to go downhill and you start to feel shit.

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But what are these negative feelings and what can we do to stop feeling frustrated every time they raise their ugly heads? Let’s dive in and find out what negative feelings actually are and what specific feelings make us feel more disgusted.

What are negative emotions?

Simply put, negative emotions are the emotions that make us feel sad, miserable, and sad. These are unpleasant, annoying and unpleasant feelings –

It affects our mental and emotional health
Poor daily performance
It interferes with our ability to develop positive relationships
These feelings make you hate yourself, affect your confidence, lower your self-esteem, cause negative self-talk and make you feel dissatisfied with life. So if for some reason you are feeling down, you can thank the negative feelings. right?

Mmm…not really. The problem isn’t really with the feelings, but with how we react to those feelings. Negative emotions arise naturally, just like positive emotions. It’s not in our control. But how we manage and regulate our emotions can determine how we feel about them — whether we feel more in control of our lives or feel like we’re rejected again. Studies reveal that impulsive actions and behaviors are often born out of negative emotions.

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5 Feelings that make you feel shit

So what are these negative feelings that make us feel like crap? While there can be a wide range of complex emotions at play when you’re feeling down, it can be boiled down to a few negative emotions that make us feel shit most of the time. If you are feeling frustrated and not sure why, here is a list of emotions behind it –

  1. Insecurity

This shit… This shit right here is ruining lives. We are all insecure about one thing or the other. But some of us (including me), are haunted by our fears. It makes us feel paralyzed and paralyzed and can sometimes be so severe that we are sabotaging ourselves. We run away from opportunities, we withdraw from ourselves, we hide from people who ask for help, and worst of all, we hurt the people we love…the people who love us. This is what makes us feel disgusted. Our fears fade with our thoughts and how we feel about ourselves. It ruins the good moments and drives us down into the dark, muddy pit of frustration and filth.

Feeling insecure, a feeling of self-consciousness is perhaps the most dangerous dirty feeling on this list. It makes us feel incompetent, uncertain, and anxious about our abilities, our worth, and our worth as an individual. It impairs our ability to deal with challenges, goals, and relationships, and reach our full potential. It wreaks havoc on our mental, emotional, and physical health so it’s no wonder that it leaves us feeling frustrated and pitiful. It makes us feel like we’re not good enough to pursue the education, job, or relationship we want. This is one of the main reasons why you feel disgusted.

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  1. Anger

We have one of our favorites here. Oh sweet, sweet anger. It controls you and your thoughts, it makes you feel like the most powerful being in the entire universe, and then all of a sudden, it pushes you down to fall flat on your face on the concrete floor of regret. But the worst part is the guilt and shame that take over you when you start to fall from the height of anger. Oh, the fun that sick rage played with us – it’s incomparable.

However, anger is a natural reaction to toxicity and injustice. We feel anger when we feel trapped, exploited, threatened, deceived, or unable to protect ourselves. But the issue begins when we choose to act out of our anger. This is when we harm others and ourselves. When we shout, shout, destroy things, offend or insult others, or even physically assault someone, it’s all because of the anger we feel inside. But as the old saying goes, your anger hurts you more than it hurts others.

Once we act aggressively, the anger passes naturally and is replaced by shame and guilt. Then WHAM! That’s when it hits you like a truck – that weird feeling that makes you miserable and horrible. And only when you get frustrated do you regret your actions but by then, it is too late. There is no doubt that anger makes us feel disgusted.

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  1. Sadness

Frustrated or feeling down

When you are feeling down, the most obvious feeling is sadness. It’s something none of us can escape no matter how optimistic and enthusiastic we are. Anything can make us sad – from being ignored by the person we like to losing our job. When the light of hope is crushed in our hearts, we are thrust into the darkness of grief. And with sadness comes a sudden wave of other complex negative emotions like –

  • fatigue
  • disability
  • suffering
  • Despair
  • low mood
  • disinterest
  • disappointment
  • irritability
  • Self-hatred and many more

It can lead to depression if the feeling of sadness lasts for a long time. Sadness breaks you. Not only does it make you feel shit, but it also makes you feel like you’re dead. It breaks your mind, heart, and soul. It makes you want to give up and hide from everyone else. But the good thing is that grief forces us to change. It shows that we have a heart and that we are capable of loving something or someone with passion. Otherwise, why would you feel sad from the start?

  1. Fear

Feel like crap

Aren’t we all afraid of something? Don’t we all want to hide under the blanket when fear reigns within our broken hearts? While this fear can be evolutionary, like your fear of spiders or unknown things crashing into the darkness, your most crippling fears are about our future. About our careers, our family, our relationships, and ourselves. Fear, combined with the anxiety of its equally crippling cousin, can mess with our minds and make us ruin our lives. Although fear is meant for self-preservation, the fear of repeating our past mistakes, childhood traumas, toxic relationship patterns, divorce, betrayal, unemployment, and failure makes us shiver more than any spiders or ghosts can.

Fear is a survival mechanism that helps us bypass potential threats and dangers. But what happens when you suspect your loved one could hurt you? This is the time when you feel the craving for bullshit because you know you love them and have given them power over you. So the next time you feel down, it could be because of an unknown fear hiding in your heart.

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  1. Guilt

Feeling guilt over the guilt? It’s an intense negative emotion that makes you feel like… you guessed it… a trifle! There is no doubt that guilt is a tough and powerful emotion that can torment you for a very long time. Guilt can sap your self-esteem and sense of self, making you feel like you don’t deserve good things, love, or happiness. But why do we feel such intense emotions that can completely change our personality and behavior? Researchers have found that it is an unpleasant and “uncomfortable” feeling that arises from behaviors and/or actions that conflict with our internal standards of behavior. The only way to stop feeling this bullshit is to fix the damage or harm done to another person by our actions.

Unfortunately, guilt is closely related to clonal-mutated shame, which results from “negative self-evaluation”. Shame makes us want to hide from everyone else and isolate ourselves completely from others, which in turn can lead to loneliness. And imagine what? Loneliness can add to our feeling of being stupid. Guilt and shame are a dangerous combination that can pull us down a whirlpool and leave us there in the abyss of loneliness.

Unfortunately, this can seriously affect our mental health, if not handled properly. However, being honest, accountable, and remorseful for our actions can help us overcome these negative emotions and develop a more positive outlook.

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Reasons to feel disgusted

wait. We are not finished yet. Aside from the more harmful negative feelings mentioned above, many complex human feelings can make you feel bad about yourself. If for some reason you are feeling down, and you are not sure why it may be because of these treacherous feelings –

  • Annoyance and annoyance
  • Anxiety and compulsion
  • mood swings
  • Indifference and despair
  • Disgust, hatred, and contempt
  • Jealousy and frustration
  • Sadness
  • Loneliness
  • Void
  • deficiency and deficiency
  • I feel tired
  • discontent
  • unmet needs
  • Lack of coping skills

These are just some of the things that make you feel shit. Another good reason why you feel down all the time is low self-esteem. Low self-esteem makes you look down on yourself and make you unable to dedicate yourself with great respect. Anxiety and shyness swallow you up when you’re in a social environment and make you think you’re unable to get respect from others. What’s worse is that you start to be very critical of yourself. You start bullying yourself, finding flaws in everything you do, and treating yourself poorly. So you feel shit most of the time.

Your negative inner dialogue lacks empathy, love, and self-esteem, which breaks down your self-confidence. It makes you feel ignored, unloved, unworthy, incompetent, incompetent, and crazy. Studies show that low self-esteem is closely related to anxiety, depression, stress, suicidal ideation, and poor quality of life.

Feel like crap

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How to stop feeling disgusted
Now that we’ve figured out why you keep feeling frustrated and crazy, let’s figure out what you can do so you don’t feel shit. While there may be some unhealthy coping skills that can help you stop feeling disgusting at the moment, like drinking alcohol yourself, these strategies can pull you even further in the long run. That’s why our focus is on healthy coping skills that can help you overcome emotional turmoil and help you better manage your difficult emotions. Sounds so good? Let’s dive in then.

  1. Pause and meditate
    Whenever you feel overwhelmed by uncontrollable feelings, take a moment to step back and allow yourself some time. Breathe in and pause for a few seconds. Instead of immediately reacting to your feelings, take a deep breath and think about the situation – practice self-reflection and try to understand the root cause of such feelings.
  2. Recognize and admit your dirty feelings
    Frustrated or feeling down? Then ask yourself what exactly makes you feel this way. Is it anger, sadness, jealousy, low self-esteem, or are you lonely? Has anyone in your family hurt your feelings? Are you angry with them? No matter how you’re feeling, recognize and accept these feelings instead of trying to ignore or suppress them. Tell yourself that it’s okay to feel how you feel. Only when you acknowledge your true feelings will you be better able to manage them.

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  1. Think “why?”
    Well, you paused and admitted that you feel disgusted. amazing! Ask yourself now – “Why do I feel frustrated?” Think about the source of your negative feelings – what made you feel nauseous? Is it due to some toxic people in your life? Is it your concern? Or is it due to unmet needs? Find out the source of your difficult feelings and then find a way to overcome them. There must be a good reason for you to feel disgusted, right? When you are not ignoring your feelings, you can subtly read the information you carry. Knowing what makes you tick is the first step to getting over it.
  2. Take charge of your feelings
    While external factors can trigger negative emotions, internal factors determine how well we can control them. Instead of blaming others or situations you cannot control, hold yourself accountable for how you feel and act. When you’re feeling down, shift your focus to yourself and notice how you react to it. Instead of letting your emotions drive you, change the way you think. Challenge negative thoughts, be careful about what you say to yourself, and keep your focus on reaching a positive outcome.

Oh, it won’t be easy…no doubt about it. It will take a lot of effort, practice, and discipline, but in the end, you will stop being bothered by little stupid reasons all the time.

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