7 Signs You Are Dealing With A Cerebral Narcissist

Self-love is an important trait to have when it comes to being confident and happy about yourself. Dare I say a little narcissism is acceptable too? But here’s the thing, a little narcissism is a good thing, not a lot of it. And if you’ve ever come across a cerebral narcissist, you know exactly what I mean with that statement.

There are many types of narcissists in this world, and one of them is the cerebral narcissist. The thing is, some narcissists can also be analytical, moody, introverted, and love to read books, rather than always being self-absorbed, obsessed with their looks, and being social climbers.

So, what is a cerebral narcissist? Rather who is a cerebral narcissist and how does he work?

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What is a cerebral narcissist?

Cerebral narcissists are those individuals who satisfy their narcissistic supply by flaunting their intelligence and wit, every chance they get. What makes them such bad and horrible people is the fact that they humiliate others if they think they are not as smart as they are.

They are very arrogant and selfish about their intelligence and will spare no opportunity to make you feel bad about yourself. Cerebral narcissists also display some typical traits of narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), such as a sense of entitlement, lack of empathy, insensitivity, and grandiosity.

But why are they like this? What are the causes of cerebral narcissistic personality disorder? Listed below are some possible causes:

Parenting – If someone was raised by an overprotective parent or a parent who always neglected them, they tend to show narcissistic tendencies as they grow older. Also, if someone is overly spoiled and a spoiled brat, they can also grow up to be a cerebral narcissist.
Genetics – Chances are if someone’s parent/s are narcissistic, they will also grow up to be one. Narcissism genes can be passed from parent to child.
Neuroscience – Neuroscience can be defined as the science that focuses on the relationship between brain behavior and thinking, and an individual’s narcissistic tendencies can be a possible result of their neurobiological makeup.
Now, in order to better understand cerebral narcissism, you need to know the signs that predict it. Read on to find out more.

7 Signs you are dealing with a cerebral narcissist

  1. They always want to be the center of attention wherever they go.
    Narcissists and a desperate need for attention always go hand in hand, and there’s nothing they won’t do to stay in the spotlight. They have this constant need for attention, and without it, they just feel like going crazy. If they are not in the spotlight at any public or social event, it angers them.

They’ll try everything possible to make sure the attention is on them all the time, whether that’s by monopolizing conversations, or indulging in attention-seeking behaviors. Cerebral narcissists also tend to treat people they consider “not smart” with a lot of disdain and insensitivity.

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  1. They are extremely selfish and self-absorbed.
    Now, this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, because if you’re dealing with a cerebral narcissist, an enormous ego comes with the territory. And this huge ego that they have is a result of their intelligence. It is true that they are very intelligent human beings, but does that mean that they have the right to be toxic individuals? of course not!

For them, they are the only ones who are smart and intelligent enough to exist in society, and anyone who is even a little less intelligent than them deserves no respect and appreciation from them. Even worse, you can’t even disagree with them because of their problematic thinking.

  1. They are the epitome of tyranny.
    One of the main symptoms of cerebral narcissists is their ability to be overly arrogant, due to their inherent arrogance, elitism, and pride. They love to brag about the schools and colleges they went to, what kind of books they read, and most importantly, their intellectual superiority over everyone else.

They tend to judge people who may not be as smart as they are, or even if they are, choose not to brag. In addition, they will judge other kinds of things, such as if you have trouble pronouncing certain words, pronounce them wrong, and if you get your facts wrong about something that is well known. They will leave no chance to disappoint you.

  1. They don’t even understand the concept of empathy.
    Every narcissist out there lacks empathy, including brain narcissists. Kindness, empathy, and compassion are virtues they don’t understand, or even if they do, they don’t feel the need to hone them. Why? Because according to them, this is not necessary.

They believe that because they are smart and intelligent, they need not be decent human beings; Their mind makes up for everything they lack. These types of people are never considerate or sensitive to the needs of others, and they care little about how they hurt and insult others.

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  1. They have a massive superiority complex and a sense of entitlement.
    Cerebral narcissists must be self-righteous and consider themselves superior to everyone else. They know they’re smart and they know they’re smarter than most people, and that’s license enough for them to consider themselves the best of all.

They use their sense of right to insult and humiliate people just because they can. Using their superiority complex to make others feel bad about themselves, not bothering that they might hurt others. And not only that, because they are so entitled, they expect everything to fall into their arms, and for people to always do what they want them to do.

No one may question them or their actions. No one has the right to say “no” to them. No one has the right to be smarter or better than them. It is simply always about them.

  1. They are never interested in sex.
    One of the most interesting traits of cerebral narcissists is that they are never interested in sex, or any kind of physical intimacy, even with their spouse or partner. They are not interested in sex, because for them it is unnecessary and unimportant; Intelligence matters to them more than anything.

On top of that, they can’t even imagine having sex with someone who isn’t as smart as they are, instead for them, that’s the worst-case scenario. Even association with people they consider to be of low intelligence is humiliating and humiliating for them. Instead of having sex, they prefer to masturbate to satisfy their desires.

  1. They crave power all the time.
    One of the most defining signs of cerebral narcissism is that they are addicted to power and authority, and if they don’t get it, they feel like a nobody. Being reliable and being in powerful positions is what makes them feel good about themselves. Their main drive is to control people and tell them what they should and shouldn’t do.

Moreover, they always do their best to ensure that people they consider less intelligent than themselves are always below them so that it is easier to judge and dictate to them.