Are Narcissists Smarter Than Other People?

Are narcissists highly intelligent? The way they choose their prey and take care of them psychologically may indicate that they have above average intelligence. But are manipulation, exploitation, abuse and lying signs of intelligence? Are narcissists smarter than normal people?

Are narcissists smarter than others?

Are narcissists smart? I am sure they are. Are all narcissists smart? maybe. Maybe not. But if you think narcissists are smarter than other people, you may need to think again.

Narcissists are often very confident, charming, charismatic, mentally strong, goal-oriented, and charismatic. When displayed in a measured way, these traits can often create the illusion of intelligence.

Furthermore, narcissists truly believe they are exceptionally smart, intelligent, and talented and this confidence often leaves us feeling overwhelmed. Real-world studies show that narcissism is closely related to self-rated intelligence. But does this mean that they are smarter than you?

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Before answering the question “Are narcissists smarter?” Let’s first define “intelligence” in this context so we’re all on the same page. Intelligence refers to intelligence and an individual’s ability to be intelligent, learn from experience, think quickly in difficult situations and adapt to different environments.

Now let’s consider what people with narcissistic personality disorder tend to be like. Narcissists tend to-

The feeling of entitlement
Be exploitative and manipulative
You have a great sense of self-importance
Be passive aggressive
Excessive criticism and belittling of others
Be envious of others
Need to like, validate and praise constantly
Low self-esteem
Do these surprising traits of a narcissist sound like signs of intelligence? not at all. Now I’m not saying narcissists can’t be smart, they can be. But being a narcissist does not predispose you to intelligence. There are individual differences when it comes to a person’s level of intelligence, whether or not you are a narcissist.

The relationship between narcissists and intelligence

Are narcissists smarter than others? No, narcissists think they are smart. But don’t take my word for it. Let’s dive into what the science says about it.

There is no statistically significant relationship between narcissism and intelligence, according to the researchers. A research paper, analyzing 50 students, found that “intelligence and narcissism are traits and traits that depend entirely on the individual.”

However, another 2020 study, which analyzed the relationship between intelligence, grandiose narcissism, and vulnerable narcissism, found that narcissists tend to have beliefs and emotions related to intelligence.

Grandiose narcissists tend to have higher “subjective-perceived intelligence” than “objective intelligence.” Moreover, they also have low involvement in cognitive functioning as well.

However, poor narcissism was not associated with self-perceived intelligence. Because vulnerable narcissists do not believe they have higher or lower intelligence, the study was unable to reach a conclusion about their level of intelligence. Regardless, “both forms of narcissism (grandiosity and vulnerability) were unrelated to objective intelligence,” the study stated.

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Another 2019 study from the University of Waterloo found that narcissists aren’t necessarily as smart as they think they are. The study authors found that arrogant and vulnerable narcissists are “less likely to use the critical thinking processes” and reflective thinking strategies needed to make decisions and solve problems.

Hence, their confidence in their own intelligence is “often misplaced”. The study also found that when vulnerable narcissists attempt cognitive reasoning, they become confused because it turns out to be a “passive experience” for them.

So science seems to have a definite answer when looking at the question – are narcissists smarter? Maybe not.

One 2002 study found some relationship between IQ and narcissism while comparing cognitive abilities in dark triad personalities. The researchers found a small but significant positive relationship between subclinical narcissism and intelligence or cognitive ability.

So what does this mean? Are narcissists smarter than us? not necessarily. No matter how glorified a male or female narcissist may be, they are not as smart as they think they are.

However, this does not mean that they cannot be smart. As I said before, intelligence depends primarily on the individual and is not defined by narcissistic personality disorder.

Narcissists look smart

Adult narcissists usually exaggerate their abilities and importance. They present themselves as smart, intelligent, and know-it-all individuals to create a fabricated social image.

However, this does not mean that they are necessarily smart even if they put a lot of effort into looking so. They may possess an unusual vocabulary and acquire knowledge on certain topics to maintain their image, but they are not as intelligent as they seem.

Narcissists may use certain strategies to create the illusion that they are smarter than they really are in front of others. Here are some things narcissists do to appear smarter –

Exaggerating or lying about their abilities
Use fancy words inappropriately
Exclude other people’s knowledge, abilities, or intelligence
Correct someone else’s grammar
Randomly change a topic to avoid revealing their actual intelligence level
Use words to distort logic, facts and reason
Only talk about topics they know or the other person lacks knowledge
Belittling or criticizing people who disagree with their opinions
Be defensive or aggressive to protect his ego
They exalt themselves and present themselves as very important
Because of this habit of deceiving others, the answer to the question “Are narcissists smarter and smarter?” looks confusing. But it’s all just a big show of a talented actor performing in real life, not on stage.

These false geniuses imagine themselves to be highly valued, are delusional, and live in an alternate reality full of fantastical beliefs inside their minds. This is why they believe themselves to be smarter than others and often trick us into believing their delusions as well.

In fact, recent research shows that narcissistic women are perceived as intelligent by their romantic partners. The study found that grandiose narcissism was positively associated with both self and partner’s esteem of intelligence.

Hence, people who are close to a narcissist, such as a spouse or romantic partner, often think that narcissists are highly intelligent. However, this trend is seen more in the partners of narcissistic women.

Why do narcissists care so much about intelligence?

Now that we have a better understanding of “Are Narcissists Smarter?” , let’s focus on why they are so obsessed with looking smart. Researchers revealed that people with grandiose narcissism believe that intelligence is crucial to success and is linked to their psychological well-being. This is why narcissists convince themselves and others of their alleged superior intelligence.

A 2020 study found that narcissists value intelligence because they are obsessed with pursuing “functional goals,” such as autonomy, competence, and social status. Because high intelligence is such an important factor in achieving agent goals, the social behavior and self-regulation of grandiose narcissists is often dominated by the idea of being exceptionally smart, intelligent, and smart.

Narcissists believe that intelligence is a vital asset and resource that can be useful in different aspects of life. So these “not necessarily intelligent” individuals create, maintain, and defend a false view of themselves by being highly intellectual and appearing intelligent to others, even though the reality may be different.

“Thus, although grandiose narcissism is essentially unrelated to objectively assessed intelligence, intelligence plays an important role in the way grandiose narcissists think, feel, and act,” explains a 2020 study.

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Narcissists abuse intelligent people

Are narcissists smarter? They are not automatically intelligent, but they prey on intelligent individuals. They lie, manipulate, love bombs, gaslight, take advantage and abuse. These are all strategies they use to play toxic mind games with smart people.

Dominating and controlling intelligent people actually makes narcissists feel smarter than their victims. They prey on and exploit your needs, vulnerabilities, dreams and vulnerabilities.

No, they are not smart or smart. They are just excellent actors who have mastered the toxic art of manipulative mind games. They use their really clever victims to climb the ladder of success using lies and deceit.

They are not smart, they are cowards. Idiots, parasites, little cowards who prey on others to get what they want because they are not smart enough to get it themselves. Being deceitful and a pathological liar are not signs of intelligence and that is exactly what a narcissist does.

So instead of asking, “Are narcissists smarter?” Ask, “Are you smarter than them?” And the answer is definitely yes. People who believe in love, care, and respect are smart. People who trust narcissists but eventually wake up to discover their narcissistic game, and realize they are being used and abused, are smart.

People who have the courage to get out of a narcissistic relationship to protect themselves are smart. People who have the power to heal themselves and still believe in love, are smart. Not a narcissist.

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Deceiving others is not a sign of intelligence or intelligence. It is a sign of narcissism. Responsible people, who sacrifice their dreams for their loved ones, who take care of others, who do what they need to do even when they don’t feel like doing it, these people are smart and smart. Not a narcissist.

Self-aware intelligence is not actual intelligence

Are narcissists smarter? Well, now you know the answer. Believing you are smart and actually being smart are two completely different things. No matter how self-glorifying a narcissistic person is, their level of intelligence does not correlate with their level of narcissism.

Although there is no set way to effectively and accurately measure an individual’s objective intelligence, the ability to be intelligent depends on the individual and varies from person to person. Intelligence is not about how much you can control or manipulate someone. It’s about how creative you are at solving problems and overcoming challenges.

Intelligence is not about how narcissistic you are. It is about how well you are able to build your own life as well as the lives of others around you.