12 Ways Your Body Knows When You Have Found ‘The One’, According To Science

When it comes to searching for your soul mate, your body knows when you’ve found The One. Incredible, right? Do we get any hints from our bodies when we meet “the one”? If yes, how do you know you’ve found one?

Science tells us that the body knows everything!

The cliché of getting butterflies in your stomach when you find Mr. Right might not be far from the truth. Your brain isn’t the only part of your body signaling to you about “the knight in shining armor.”

No matter how obsessed we are with a person, their thoughts race in our mind day by day, once we meet the tangible person, things will look different.

If the touch does not feel pleasant, there is no need to ignore it.

Our bodies can sense the subtle cues we get from the other person’s physical contacts, far more efficiently than we are willing to give them credit for.

While the intoxicating sexual connection you feel will make you blind to thinking about whether or not the person you’re eyeing up to is the perfect person for you, our bodies do their duty to signal us to stay or leave.

So, how do you know you’ve found The One? Let’s find out!

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12 How does your body know when you’ve found the one, according to science

  1. Keep warm
    This is one of the main signs your body gives when you find The One.

When you’re around him, you almost feel like you’re basking in the sun. You not only radiate a beautiful glow, when you are around him/her, but you also absorb the warmth of his presence.

If the person you’re dating makes you feel cold, distant and closed off, it’s time to say goodbye.

  1. Optimism
    Optimism is an attitude toward living life. Nothing is as crucial as a positive outlook on life, and no one has the right to take that ability away from you.

If someone drains your constructive energy and elicits negative reactions from you in the form of feelings that inhibit self-growth – anger, jealousy, envy, resentment, revenge, and hate in you, you should stay away from him/her.

  1. Motivation
    If someone instills in you an overwhelming sense of motivation and a positive outlook on life, they’ll be a keeper. If all of these behaviors are making you feel like he’s trying to drag you down or ask you to slow down your game, then you need to show him the door.

Your partner is to make you feel excited and pour out all the energy to achieve heights in life and not make you doubt yourself.

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  1. Be yourself
    Not only do you feel comfortable connecting with him emotionally but you also feel comfortable physically. Your body position is open and relaxed. You also feel calm and serene in his presence. This feeling of relief comes from the unconditional acceptance that your partner provides you with.

If you feel threatened, insecure, and criticized by your partner, then he doesn’t deserve your love.

  1. Smell
    The smell is our strongest sense. If his natural scent makes you go weak at the knees, even the biological side of your existence indicates genuine attraction.

“Humans don’t have a functioning ‘vomeronasal organ,'” which is what other animals use to detect pheromones secreted by another animal of the same species, said Lindsey Burdon, MD, assistant professor of dermatology at Columbia University Medical Center. Instead, we sense odors via our olfactory system. Perceivable scents likely play a role in whether or not people are attractive.”

  1. Healthy
    If the person you’re dating helps you make healthy lifestyle changes, they’re a keeper.

If a person motivates you to take steps toward a healthy diet, encourages you to exercise, and pushes you to eat healthy by eating the right meals at the right times, there is no doubt that this person is invested in you.

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  1. Intuition
    This is one of the main signs your body is giving you when you’ve found The One.

Intuition has saved us a lot of time. Although it may not sound scientific enough to many people, its existence has been validated by several studies and research.

A team of researchers from the University of New South Wales has come up with a new technique that shows just how much our unconscious intuition can inform and even improve our decision-making.

  1. Empathy
    Your partner gets angry and yells at you, and you, too, yell back in anger. Your partner doesn’t even think about your feelings and starts yelling at you needlessly. It hurts, isn’t it? And even if you try to make them understand that they are hurting, they don’t seem to realize it.

Empathy is a rare possibility for a person. If your partner can put themselves in your shoes to understand your mindset, appreciate it.

  1. Cuddling
    When you are very comfortable with your partner, you can cuddle with them whenever you want. Cuddling feels like heaven every time you do it. Every time you feel your partner’s touch, you lose yourself.

Cuddling brings a sense of connection that is more satisfying than any other type of intimacy. It brings you two physically closer.

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  1. Calm
    If you’ve been feeling anxious, anxious, anxious about this guy you’re dating, you’re not with him right now.

A simple look on their face, just their presence should be more than enough to make you feel at ease.

  1. Echoes
    The trail your partner leaves on you feeling longing for them is a good indicator for deciding whether or not they are meant for you. Even after years of being together, if a person makes a lasting impression on you, you are there. Don’t let him go.
  2. Need
    You feel the need to be in their presence, even if you’re not doing anything productive together. Your need almost feels like an ache in your entire heart.

No one can arouse this feeling of yearning in you as he/she does. There is no doubt that he/she is “the one”.

These are 12 ways how your body knows it’s the one for it.

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