When Leaving A Sociopath: 5 Things You Must Do

A relationship with a sociopath can be intense and a breakup can be just as intense. When you leave a sociopath, consider doing these things.

Leaving a sociopath is not an ordinary breakup.
It is an escape from terror, abuse and harm.
We are not in denial. – We are afraid of our own minds.

Separation is up to us. When we let go of what we thought was the most amazing relationship ever, but it turned out to be painful and something scary, the end is often ours. They might cling, we have to end it.

Predators use and take, not because they are allowed to, but because it is what they are and what they do.

Once you let go of that person, you relate to the narcissist and wonder what exactly they are…or you may have settled for calling them a sociopath, one thing is for sure…if you’re still trying to befriend them or contact them, or respond to their messages, you are putting yourself at risk again.

When House’s life collapses from the cards and is exposed for what it used to be, you’ll want to get away from it entirely.

After this breakup, going to coffee or each other’s wedding five years from now is not an option. Being friends with a pure narcissist is not a possibility.

Sociopaths (that’s what I call them) aren’t friends with anyone, and they sure don’t like anyone as they shoot. This real malice in their hearts towards you will be very evident when it is terminated. It will be more than painful. The terror and confusion you go through while trying to leave them, whether it’s ending a fake five-month or fifty-year relationship, is nothing like a normal breakup.

You will doubt your decision to break up with a narcissistic sociopath

For one thing, you’ll guess the breakup. You will have a strong sense of doubt. Doubt will come in waves. Your trusting and loving human heart will try to justify the madness that has occurred. Don’t doubt how dangerous you are going out, even with this confusion on your mind. – Madness happened.

There will also be fear – perhaps terror. There are steps we need to take to protect ourselves when leaving a sociopath. Leaving this job will be one of the hardest things you have ever done. But, you can do it! Understanding their mindset is key to getting them out of your house or yourself out of what appears to be their home.

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It’s normal to be suspicious and afraid

Doubt and fear mix together in a heavy, hollow hole in our stomachs as we navigate this. Like normal, loving human beings, we grope for something to make sense. It just won’t make all sense until you start thinking about the whole thing – the whole “relationship”, the way one of those pathologically narcissistic people does – the narcissist aka sociopath.

Realize how amazing you are.

Decipher the truth of their actions.
Decide what is winning for you.
Book your ticket to freedom.
We believe in sociopathy because we are normal, not stupid
One of the most frustrating and hellish aspects of it all is the amount of lying that goes on. Lying is normal for one of these types of people. For this type of narcissistic person, “normal” involves constant lying.

They even lie about things they don’t need to lie about. They tell the truth on rare occasions. It’s those times we feel like we’re in a giant Tilt-o-Whirl motion. Hold on to that phrase uttered by the sociopath or narcissist that is so unusual that we can’t make sense of it.

The one line that makes us cringe, things like: “You only think you love me.” Or, “If you knew who I really am, you wouldn’t love me.” Those weird things they say, those things that make us wonder what they mean… are who they really are and who they really are.

Breaking through the brainwashing cloud

Despite this, you will find that you are still there. Push the clouds aside and find that snippet that looks right. Lay the foundation of everything we do, and every decision we make while on the run in what is best for our lives, safety, and well-being.

Lean toward that clarity, keep breathing, trust our courage and part gracefully. There is a balance between walking through fire to save ourselves and walking through fire for any greater purpose. Find your balance. There is balance.

When Leaving a Sociopath Relationship: 5 Must-Break

  1. Once the door is closed, re-lock the door locks. The cost of returning the keys is less than changing hardware doorknobs and all.
    Find a locksmith online or in the good old Yellow Pages and take them to our place as soon as the scammer is out. We will feel much better.

Don’t let him have his back to pick up anything. Start. no thing. Start. Throw it out, put it on the street, whatever. If he walks out the door with any of our stuff – it’s best to let it go, especially if it’s just a CD or a jacket.

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If we discover key items missing – jewelry, audio equipment, money, we may file a police report: perhaps. And then there is potential immigration and marriage fraud or violence.

Think carefully about what, how, why and when to report – or not. Reporting doesn’t always help, and then some reporting is mandatory for our protection — like notifying USCIS about green card marriage fraud.

  1. Do not go to any contact. Absolute zero connection.
    They’re trying to make contact — what we call waving, except in specific, rare cases. Make it impossible for them to reach you. All contact with a sociopath aka narcissist must stop if you want the hell out of it. Once you can muster the conviction to do so, don’t contact them. There is a great risk in staying in touch with a sociopath. Better not to call. In the end you will.

Sometimes there is a consideration of timing as to when you can do this, but in the end – it’s permanent. You should not respond if they reach out to you, or if you respond know that this is more of the same thing. You are still “in”.

In the event of a divorce, have your attorney handle all communications so that you don’t receive anything directly from a nut bag. If they reach you, please don’t respond. There are deep reasons for not responding directly to them.

Do what is for your well-being. In some cases, contacting them yourself can harm the divorce case. Calling or responding to them can destroy allegations of abuse in court. Selecting and keeping “Don’t Call” – also called “Don’t Call”, is not an accidental suggestion, it saves your future.

When the real madness ends, it begins.
There are answers that solve everything.

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New numbers, new devices

Change our phone numbers after a sociopath leaves. You might get a new phone. Block them in our phones, email and all social media. Block everyone we know knows them. – Use the “cluster” functions. Sociopaths usually try very hard to stay connected. It’s so common that it has a name: hoovering, like a brand of vacuum cleaner because they’re trying to lure us back

Change our internet IP addresses and passwords

Delete all computers or devices from the Internet user history. If At&T is your Internet provider, sign in to an At&T account online — or create one. Look to see which laptops or devices such as iPhones, iPods, Kindles, and all other devices that are logged online using your Internet service.

Delete the IP addresses of computers you don’t own. Then change your internet password. If the sociopath is tech savvy, change the IP address through which the internet is routed. Contact your internet provider and ask them to do so. – Everything is easier than it seems.

  1. Reconnect with the people who love you
    For the best support and to protect yourself from feeling betrayed, stay away from people who say: I told you so. I have never loved him. This is not the time for judgment or questioning. This is a time to be heard, a time to cry and tell your story. Talk about it. Say it over and over again. Tell your story until we’re done. – Getting back to yourself again will become your mission.

Keep in mind that it is best not to memorize things that remind us of him or her. Clean and clean. Consider moving, but be sure to let the big decisions settle in before jumping in. Consider a new bed. paint the walls, paint the furniture, rearrange it; Anything we can update, do.

  1. Find support with people who know.
    Not everyone will understand – or be able to deal with what we’re going through. Only one who has been deceived can understand; Most of our friends won’t understand and we’re falling apart with evil.

Recovery sessions with Jennifer Smith, after substance abuse and coercive control. PTSD Healing
There can be a lot that doesn’t help: we don’t need to be labeled with a condition, told we don’t have boundaries, that we’re in denial or that we’re letting it happen. – None of this applies in any way in these circumstances and is more harmful.

There is more than one hope
In recovery sessions with hundreds of people, just like you or I, around the world, I’ve heard it all. None of us get trapped because of anything specifically about us.

Our calling is that we are normal human beings with hearts – no crime or pain at that. We must be what we are. Predators use and take, not because they are allowed to, but because it is what they are and what they do.

You can recover from the truth

The truth is, there was no relationship. We have been attacked. What we need is support in understanding and healing the trauma; Specifically the constant trauma of being hijacked by a pathological user. This is not bad advice for breaking up.

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Some general advice: As much as possible, do things that calm us down. Avoid romantic music and “Our Song”. Go for self-care and nurture. Many of us have given up doing things we love to do while conning; We start over as often as we can. We fall in love with ourselves.

Count on this: Narcissists and sociopaths don’t want us to not connect. They hate it and are very angry with it. It makes us the opposite of what they need. We are no longer able to access. Which means they can’t use us. By not connecting, we would have collapsed, erased, and eviscerated their world and existence.

Leaving a sociopath scares someone who knows what causes them to tell others what they have done or report them to the authorities. Users have a constant fear of exposure – paradoxically, jail time doesn’t bother them – it gives them free scope for violence, stalking, deceit, lying, cheating, theft, and three meals a day.

  1. Please, date yourself; Dating other people is not a recovery method.
    Leave plenty of time to fully and completely recover. Dating before full recovery we can spot a sick user wherever they stand in danger. Remember that scammers, users and fraudsters feel vulnerable. Now we are more vulnerable than newborns.


A sociopath telling us how to break up with them

These are the words of a self-proclaimed sociopath: a pathological predator

“You may think that a sociopath respects your boundaries, but this person will not empathize with your needs. A sociopath has no boundaries and does not respect them. A sociopath has his needs and will fight to make sure they are met.

You don’t want to get into an all-out fight with a sociopath when the sociopath feels their survival is in danger. The best thing to do with a sociopath is to make the breakup seem like it was his choice; Poison the well so that the sociopath will willingly leave.

Be a helpless burden, no emotion and no reaction. Start being contrary, without being overtly defiant. Imagine that you are tired, sick, depressed, say that you forgot your keys; Be incompetent, but make everything look like an accident.

If the sociopath gets angry, say “Sorry,” but don’t fight back. Say, “I don’t know what happened to me.” Have long phone conversations with…the people sociopaths hate. In general, let yourself go completely … Be as unbearable to live with him as possible without confrontation.

After about three months (more or less), the sociopath will be out of your life. You should be clear 3-6 months after the sociopath is gone. By then, the sociopath won’t need you to meet any of his basic needs.” ~ Anonymous Sociopath

Use the truth to inspire non-contact and walk toward full recovery
Use this monstrous information for your own well-being. If you still live together and have to be near them when they’re home, do your best to be absolutely inconsiderate. When they are in a room with you, remove all thoughts from your mind away from harmless things like what to make for dinner.

Take advantage of their needs, their egos, their self-obsession, and their cold heart to get them out. Know that they will sense that you are nearing the end, so be very careful. Get all your thoughts on what it is and what to do with yourself. Sit as an observer and design your way out based on their habits.

Step by Step
Little by little you can consider where it feels right to remove things from access and use that come with you: money, cars, meal prep, the Internet, laundry, running errands, credit cards.

Turn the tender tap, close it. In a sense, don’t go into any contact while they’re still there. Do this while making a complete plan to get them out of your life. And the first tip: you can lie to them and they will believe you. Even if they know you’re lying, they then act on the lie as if it were true.

Remember, confidence is human. What are you normal. I know you are amazing inside and out. There is nothing you could or should have done differently. What you do now changes everything.

Here’s to true love and happiness!

When you leave a sociopathic partner, be sure to do these things! Share your thoughts in the comments below about dealing with a sociopath!