An Apology To My Ex and I

Have you ever apologized to your ex? Apologizing to your ex is not because you hurt them, but because they hurt you. Every step of the way.

I’m sorry for giving me unsolicited suggestions to improve yourself, for pointing out your mistakes, and for making you angry when you thought I always made myself the hero, and you the villain.

I just thought I needed to help you grow because maybe it was my responsibility as someone who cared about you and someone I was in a relationship with.

Forgive me for hitting back at you every time you tried to fight me.

Maybe I should have shut my mouth and not defended myself regardless of whether I was right or wrong. Maybe I shouldn’t have defended myself.

I understand that sometimes my opinions come across as strong.

And I know it hurts when I disagree with you, but do you want to live a life when no one tells you you’re wrong when it’s obvious to everyone that you are?

I see you didn’t get my point in the days when the doors were closed to you.

You convinced yourself that I was rude and difficult to you. But have you ever tried to wonder out loud that you might have done something incredibly stupid before I started acting “differently”?

But I digress. I apologize.

I’m sorry if I’m a complete whore.

I’m sorry I knew my worth; that I fought for my right; And to speak my thoughts.

I thought you were man enough to understand and handle a tough bitch like me.

But you got scared because I was one of those bitches who had so much to say.

And I felt threatened because a bitch like me knows how to win an argument.

I realize now that you are too weak to be in a relationship with a complete bitch.

And you are weaker than your separation from me.

I’m sorry if I made you feel small. So small that you end up looking at yourself as undervalued.

You need a bitch who won’t outsmart you; The bitch who is willing to let you steer the wheel 100 percent of the time.

I can’t be that bitch.

For the last time, forgive me for being a complete bitch to you.

But wait… I probably wasn’t sorry at all.

And I apologize.