Part of the reason I created this blog was to answer every single dating and relationship question that I asked on Google when I was in my lows.

And because the common denominator of healthy relationships is healthy self-esteem, the origin of my obsessive and highly specific questions has always been:

Finding a cure for feeling like I wasn't enough at all.
How do I stop my obsession with winning and choosing? I was always in some kind of negative competition to be chosen by a toxic person. And when you are in a position where someone has to choose you, you come to the relationship table without any leverage. The requirement to be able to stay at that table becomes handing over your dignity to the person opposite it.
How to stop being affected by every blow of the emotional and relational breeze.
How can I be confident enough to not just listen to my instinct but act on it instead of chasing it to death?
How I ran out of* to give when it came to my fears, insecurities, and put an end to my unlucky 'streak' in love - which has become a great word for 'life'.
How do I always stop dealing with emotional feelings and connections when no one was in my life.

Over the years, I’ve been asked a lot of dating, self-esteem, and relationship questions from men and women about which I’ve written at length. I never write off any kind of high psychological horses. I am human and I am not infallible. I still feel painfully insecure, over-motivated, and make mistakes every day.

The only difference now and then is that I allow these things to be experienced as they are rather than definitions to subscribe to. I am no longer attracted to circumstances and people confirming this subscription because I canceled my subscription.

I write to consolidate what I have learned from the mistakes I made so that I can help as many people as possible. I also write to remember my advice.

I wanted to address 25 of the most important dating, self-help, and relationship questions that have been asked of me over the years.

here they are …

Your top 25 dating and relationship questions answered.

YOUR DATING AND RELATIONSHIP QUESTIONS ANSWERED #1: How do you deal with mutual friends/your ex’s family after a breakup?

Mutual friends and ex-family members are strong because it is basically like meeting/talking with your ex. In many ways, this is the closest you can get from your ex. There is a relationship between the two of you, and whether they are dating your ex or not, these relationships can be very painful to maintain after a breakup when you are at your most paranoid, sad, and sensitive. Bottom line: If these people cause any kind of discomfort or anxiety for you, my best advice is to distance yourself from them. No one will think you’re weak and if they do, they’re just trying to calm their egos from the shock of doing one thing they didn’t expect: respectfully drawing your line in the sand.

Yes, they can be a great tactical tool in taking revenge, sending a certain message, information, etc., but people are not tools for playing. They are not your soldiers to be deployed and you should not be their soldiers. And your withdrawal is the finest “revenge”.

These people have agendas, fears, angles, and loyalties that they may want to veer from in the form of a blurring of boundaries. Stay in your lane – with blinders – until you reach apathy.

The best revenge is not to be close friends with his brother and his mother – it does not give anything.

YOUR DATING AND RELATIONSHIP QUESTIONS ANSWERED #2: Should you be bothered/is it a deal-breaker if you start to date someone and they are still active on dating apps OR have their profile still open but aren’t active?

Yes, you must be somewhat bothered at first because you are human and normal. Just don’t act on these feelings at first or you’ll sound crazy.

It’s only a failed deal if:

Yes, you must be somewhat bothered at first because you are human and normal. Just don’t act on these feelings at first or you’ll sound crazy.

It’s only a failed deal if:

YOUR DATING AND RELATIONSHIP QUESTIONS ANSWERED #3: Is it a problem if my partner is following a bunch of Instagram booty/boob models and likes the photos? What if he follows but doesn’t like the photos? What if he follows and/or likes straight-up porn?