Why Some Women Cheat In Relationships: 12 Reasons According To Psychologists

If you’re wondering why women cheat in relationships, according to experts, there may be a basic psychological explanation for it. A new study published in the Journal of Sex Research suggests that there may be several reasons why people cheat. Women are sensual creatures like men. However, the idea that a woman in a committed relationship may get bodily impulses is unfathomable.

An unscientific study by Undercover Lovers, an extramarital dating site based in the United Kingdom, found that among women who reported actively cheating, 57 percent reported feeling love for their partner, while only 27 percent said they They felt love for them. mistress.

This survey concludes that women who cheat are more likely to seek an emotional bond and that they may in fact feel such a bond even if their partner is not in an affair as well. Cultural stereotypes suggest that males often cheat on women, but studies suggest otherwise.

Infidelity is often associated with negative effects such as depression, domestic violence, divorce, and even murder. What a person perceives as betrayal can be different from what others perceive as betrayal. For example, a person who watches pornography may be considered a betrayal of one person and not of others.
Men and women cheat for completely different reasons. Usually some women are interested in sex that involves some kind of emotional connection or relationship while men seek it only because of objective sexual relations or fantasy. A 2018 data study in which data from two separate studies looked at the personality traits and relationship dynamics of new couples. The two studies lasted three years and examined the relationship between personality and infidelity.

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12 Reasons Women Cheat on Their Husbands or in Relationships According to Psychologists:

  1. Falling out of love
    Some women claim that they fell in love with their partner, and then cheated on them in the hope of falling in love again. A study showed that the main reason women cheat on their friends is because they have “lost love”.
  2. Low self-esteem issues
    Sometimes, low self-esteem can be a cause of infidelity. Some women may have childhood self-esteem issues such as depression or childhood trauma that lead them to seek validation through sexual and romantic activity.
  3. Revenge
    Women sometimes feel betrayed by their partner, either financially or sexually, and they want to get back at them through their betrayal with someone. Usually, vindictive women are not secretive about their relationship and want their current partner to know what they are doing.
  4. Loneliness and neglect
    Women sometimes feel neglected by their partners which leads them to seek comfort from another person. In some cases, they feel more like a nanny, a mother, or a caregiver than a wife or girlfriend. Thus they can use sex outside of their relationship to satisfy their emotional and physical needs. Women often feel lonely even when they are in a relationship. It can happen due to the partner’s inability to meet her emotional needs.
  5. The partner’s inability to stir things up
    Women love to flirt and have a little spice in their relationship. However, some men believe that once they are with someone, it is not necessary for them to be as extraordinary as they were before. Women may miss the excitement of meeting someone for the first time, the flirtation, and the anticipation. This leads them to look for other sexual partners to get some spice in their lives.
  1. Dissatisfied with their partner sexually
    Women are sexual creatures just like men. They usually enjoy lovemaking just as much as men. Men need to do a lot of hard work to impress a woman in bed. It is important to make a woman feel wanted, loved, and desired. Thus when a woman doesn’t receive satisfaction sexually they tend to seek other male partners who can.

Sometimes it may happen that the woman in the relationship is way more sexual than their partner. This can get a little problematic since they may want to have a little sex on the side rather than end their relationship altogether.

It is often found that women were outsourcing sexual pleasure in their relationships in an effort to remain in their primary partnerships. They believed that if they continued to go without their sexual needs being met they would have to break up their families and break their partner’s hearts. Women don’t take these decisions lightly. After decades of trying to improve their relationship, they decide to look elsewhere.

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  1. No intimacy at home
    There may be a lack of intimacy and an emotional connection with their partner even though the sexual needs are met. The way to a woman’s heart is often non-sexual interactions like gift-giving, talking, sharing things, or just being remembered. If these emotional connections are not met then she can seek intimacy elsewhere.

Why Some Women Cheat In Relationships: 12 Reasons According To Psychologists
Why Some Women Cheat In Relationships: 12 Reasons According To Psychologists

  1. Expecting too much
    Some women have unrealistic expectations from their partner and that includes the needs and wants that they haven’t even communicated with their partner. When this happens, it is inevitable that their partner will fail. This can make her seek comfort elsewhere.
  2. They just want to leave
    Some women find it easier to break off a relationship by cheating on someone else. When their partner finds out, this forces them to end the relationship. They are not prepared to be alone. Hence they find another partner until they leave their relationship.

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  1. Lack of feminine support
    Having girlfriends is an important part of any woman’s life. When you have friends you can share your feelings and they can make you feel okay. It’s important to have a healthy woman’s community. Some women who had experienced maternal abuse or neglect, being undervalued, and compared with men, don’t usually welcome the company of women. Without anyone advising her what to do it can lead to infidelity.
  2. Sex or Love Addiction
    Some women often engage in sex in a never-ending stream as a coping mechanism to not deal with emotions and painful underlying psychological conditions such as depression, severe anxiety, low self-esteem, and unresolved childhood trauma. They may even be addicted to it and thus ultimately leading them to cheat on their partner multiple times.


  1. Effects on the uninvolved partner
    When a person learns about the betrayal, it can be extremely painful for the partner. Someone whose partner had an affair can experience psychological conditions. They can be as follows:

Low confidence and self-esteem
Self-blame or shame
Post-traumatic stress disorder
Not being able to perform at work
Why do women cheat in relationships according to psychologists? The fact is that it’s not a specific romantic or sexual act that hurts but the constant lying and secrets that they keep from their partner hurts the most. However, there are several types of infidelity besides sexual infidelity. Financial infidelity (keeping financial secrets) is also very common.

Why Some Women Cheat In Relationships: 12 Reasons According To Psychologists
Extramarital Affairs: Why Do Women Cheat On Their Husbands According To Psychologists
It can also be due to psychological conditions. Some women who cheat find it extremely difficult to stop more than they expect. They may need mental health assistance in such cases in order to develop a treatment plan.

If a couple wants to work through this they can seek therapy and counseling. If the woman is found to be a sex addict, then an in-depth and specialized treatment plan is required.