The 7 Types Of Toxic Friends You Should Stay Away From


Friends make life brighter, happier, and more exciting, right? Having good friends is truly a blessing because no matter what you’re going through in life, they will always be there for you through it all. But what happens when you have toxic friends instead of good ones? Even worse, have no idea you have toxic friends? What do you do next?

Just like having a toxic partner can end up ruining your life, having toxic friends can do the same to you; They will lurk in dark, dark corners always ready to pounce on you and cause you pain. It can be hard to spot toxic friendships because no one will ever publicly show you have toxic them. Instead, they will play all kinds of games and mind tricks to make you believe that they want the best for you, all the time, and come up with deceptive plans to hurt you and hurt you as much as possible.

However, the good news is you can sometimes spot toxic friends, just by being a bit observant. And once you do, you can cut off all ties with them, and end the friendship for good so that they can never harm you again in any way.

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7 Types Of Toxic Friends You Should Always Stay Away From

1 The One Who Always Flakes.

Chips are those toxic friends who are unreliable and extremely dishonest, and can leave you reeling whenever they feel they have a better option at hand. They will make big plans with you, but flip out at the last minute. It’s perfectly fine to have a rain check every once in a while, but if it’s happening all the time, your confidence will take a huge hit. You gradually start to feel that you are not good enough or that you are not interesting enough to spend time with him.

What gives them away?

This is that friend who always makes plans with you so enthusiastically and pretends to look forward to seeing you, but when the day comes to meet you, they cancel at the last minute. They always have plenty of excuses ready to let you go. Sometimes they don’t show up, and they try to shine a light on you into believing there were no plans in the first place. Even worse, they sometimes cancel you out of “better” plans and give you all kinds of sad excuses for doing so.

How can you deal with them?

So, before your self-confidence takes a big hit and gets into a downward spiral, look through its toxicity and cut all ties with it, because you deserve better. Or you can treat them as acquaintances, instead of good friends and stop giving them the respect and importance you have been giving them all this time, and see what they do.

2 The One Who Is Bossy And Controlling.

Wanting and respecting your friend’s opinion is one thing, but controlling him every step of the way is annoying and toxic, and that’s exactly what a controlling friend does. They enforce your every move and transcend all of your boundaries, which ends up affecting your sense of identity and individuality. Just like romantic relationships, friendships shouldn’t be completely consuming.

What gives them away?

Controlling friends will always try to dictate what you should and shouldn’t do, because according to them, “they know what’s best for you and your happiness.” They will try to stop you from being friends with other people, and if you need to, they will cut you off and simply manipulate you into doing what they want you to do.

For example, if someone invites you to a party, your bossy friend will make the decision for you and simply say no to that person for you; You will have no say in this. If you want to watch a certain movie with them, they will turn it down and they will decide which movie you both will watch. It’s always about what they think you should do.

How can you deal with them?

If you feel like you have a bossy and controlling friend, the best thing to do is to take some time out from the friendship and put some distance between the two of you. Make friends with other people if you want to, but don’t tell your bossy friend about it. Take control of your life and your relationships. If they react badly to you being stubborn and independent, cut them out for good and do what makes you happy, not what they think makes you happy.

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3 The One Who Is Overly Competitive.

A little competition is good between friends, as it can push you to give your best, but if your friend is very competitive and always trying to feel superior, that’s a problem. And very annoying at that. They will always claim to be your friend, but the next moment, they will start an invisible competition, and you seem to have no idea that you are a part of it.

What gives them away?

If you are appointed as the captain of the sports team, they will do their best to be in the spotlight until they take your place. If you’re your boss’s favorite person, they’ll go out of their way to change that, and before you know it, they’ve become the boss’s pet. They have this constant pathological need to feel superior and always be two steps ahead of you, which motivates them to do all this.

How can you deal with them?

Overly competitive people are, in short, toxic friends. end of the story. end of discussion. When you have friends, you should be able to count on them for understanding, support, and loyalty, and not be on your toes all the time, because you worry that they will take your hard work away from you by working behind your back. Leave them and focus on having friends who motivate you, encourage you to do your best, and encourage you when your hard work pays off.

4 The One Who Is Always Starting Drama.

Drama Kings and queens love conflict and always seek to start conflict, even if there is no reason for it. Being friends with them equals being on an emotional rollercoaster 24*7, with no end in sight, and after a point this becomes stressful.

They are never happy with anything and are always looking to start fights and arguments whenever they feel like things are too “normal”. They are toxic friends because they quarrel with you over the smallest things, which gradually makes you feel like you need to walk on eggshells around them.

What gives them away?

Some people thrive on drama and always look for it wherever they go; Drama is something they can’t get enough of. For such people, even the smallest setbacks threaten to solve them. Did they stumble while walking? They will act as if they broke their leg. Did you forget to call them back even after seeing their missed calls? They will turn overly dramatic and accuse you of being a bad friend who doesn’t care about them at all. And the list goes on.

How can you deal with them?

Such people cannot be good friends with anyone, including you. They hate normal life because they have so much bitterness, resentment, and anger within themselves. Friendship with these people can be emotionally and mentally stressful, especially when you find yourself justifying every questionable act on their part.

Let them go and focus on finding better friends because they don’t deserve it. Spending time with your friends should make you feel relaxed and happy, not anxious and angry, so you can also hang out with people who make you feel good.

5 The One Who Is There For The Good Times.

This is one of those toxic friends who are always there for you when times are good but they easily disappear if you are going through something tough. When things are exciting and good and breezy in your life, you will always find her by your side.

But when you need them by your side when you are going through tough times in your life, they will never be there. You find it hard to share your feelings and pain with them because they never show the slightest interest in helping you get through it all. It can be fun being around, but they have no sympathy for anyone.

What gives them away?

Planning to go on a road trip? They are in. Planning a great New Year’s party? They are. Do you want to go out for drinks every weekend? They will practically move to your side. However, when you try to talk about what you’re going through, they will brush off your feelings by saying things like “You’re overthinking, just chill out”, “You’re too sensitive” and worse, “You’re so negative, I’m not in the mood for that.”

How can you deal with them?

Whenever you are around them, you feel lonely and isolated. It’s better to have no friends than to have friends like this, right? Tell them honestly that sometimes you want them to be there for you and be a sounding board. If they react positively to this, well and good, but if they continue to act lightly, you are better off without them.

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6 The One Who Is An User.

Users take advantage of you and your friendship as a means for their self-interest. Friendship doesn’t matter so much to them, like the things you can do for them. They only care about themselves and their own needs and will do everything they can to fulfill them. They are narcissistic, selfish, and selfish, and they will never help you out when it is time to return the favor. All they know is how people use and exploit them to satisfy their own needs.

What gives them away?

Perhaps this is the worst of it. Users turn up whenever they need something from you, and the moment their needs are met, they disappear. They will borrow money from you but never return it. They will want you to pay for everything, whenever you go out together. They will expect a VIP invitation to all of your exclusive events. They will expect you to help them whenever they encounter any problem, but they will not do the same for you.

How can you deal with them?

People like these are nothing short of dangerous, and because they are so selfish, they will do anything to satisfy their needs, even if it means hurting you. They will ghost you whenever they want, and come back to exploit you whenever they need something from you. This ultimately ends up affecting your self-esteem and morale and leaving you feeling devastated.

So, make sure to keep your eyes and ears open, and watch them very deeply. Notice if they use you all the time, and if your hunch is correct, cut all ties with them, before they do more damage to you and your mental health.

7 The One Who Is A Bad Influence.

Your friends should bring out the best in you, and make you feel comfortable in everything you do together, rather than forcing you to do things that make you look “cool.” Friends who are bad influences can get you into some serious trouble, too. Good friends never push you to break the law, do something wrong, or hurt yourself in any way, but friends who have bad influences do.

Sometimes their actions are subtle, but you will notice that whenever you are with them, you are involved in one or another questionable situation.