How to Lose Weight in Summer?


Well, it’s summer now and I think we’ve all gained enough weight by gorging on hot, spicy, and fatty foods during the winter. Well, it is said that winter makes people hungry, I don’t know about you, but it definitely made me hungry and also made me put on a few kilos. The main problem now is how do you lose winter fat with summer coming and of course, you want to flaunt your perfect body for swimming at the beach, right? However, the main problem is a few pounds of meat on the love handles, which makes all women anxious to death.

Well, but don’t worry because I will give you some tips on exercises and diet, which will make your body slim and skinny again.

Therefore, the first summer diet tip is to reduce the food you eat and go organic.

Organic means eating more salads, fruits, and vegetables. Avoid oil, butter, margarine, paneer, cheese, and other addictive dairy products. Switch to green tea, mint tea, or lemon tea, any tea is okay as long as you don’t add milk to it.

The best green tea can be prepared at home and the instructions are given below:

Boil water in a pot
Add tea leaves, lemongrass, tulsi/basil leaves, lemon juice, lychee, and lavender/cloves to it.
Boil the tea for 10-15 minutes
Strain the tea into a cup, add jaggery/gaur or honey to your liking and mix well.

This is a healthy, delicious, aromatic, homemade green tea recipe.

Exercise regularly and make sure you go to the gym daily, you will not be able to lose weight unless you exercise.

Every morning on an empty stomach drink a glass of warm water mixed with a teaspoon of lemon juice and honey.

This is one of the easiest ways to lose weight.

Take control of your diet – Remember that a weight loss plan consists of an 80% diet plan and a 20% exercise plan. Therefore, you must control your diet. Eat a light dinner you should eat salad and soup only at night. Make sure to eat dinner at least two hours before bed.

Get good sleep, if you sleep well, your body will have a good metabolism which in turn will help you burn extra calories faster.

Hence, here are some tips that you should follow to reduce weight this summer.



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