Fuck Yes or No


Want to date that woman you met last weekend but she’s ignoring your texts and calls? Not sure what to say or do, especially since she seemed so happy to be hanging out with you when you first met her? Well, my friend, this is not a “fuck yeah”. Therefore, it is a “number”. Delete her number and move on.

Damn yes or no applies to relationships too. My wife used to work with a man who got married because it “seems to be the right thing to do”.

You pay your taxes because it “seems to be the right thing to do”. You’re licking your baby’s ass because it “seems to be the right thing to do.” You don’t marry someone because it “seems to be the right thing to do”. You marry them because you can’t imagine not wanting to be with them.

Not surprisingly, four years later, he was cheating on his wife every chance he got. Marriage wasn’t a “damn yes” to him. It should have been a “no” from day one.

Sometimes the damn yes or no law applies differently at different levels. Your “fuck yes” might be to friendship with someone, but you’re somewhat excited about having sex with them. Therefore, it is not. A “fuck yes” might be hitting someone’s brains, but a “no” is sure to spend any time with them. Apply the law to your decision-making that best suits your needs.

The “yes or no” curse law doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll fall in love with a knee swinger at first sight. This doesn’t even mean that you have to be completely convinced that someone is right for you. You can be a “fuck yeah” about getting to know someone better. You can be a “damn yes” about seeing someone again because you think something is up there. You can be a “fuck yes” about giving things a few months to let loose and see if you can fix the problems in the relationship. You can be a “damn yes” about sticking with an unhappy relationship because you can see the long-term potential in the future.