9 most common questions about weight loss, answered


Losing weight in just two days is not possible. But with so many cliché diets and New Age practice techniques ahead of us, what works better? Are you also confused? So, here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions!

  1. Do cardio exercises give the best results? Cardio is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. But the thing to keep in mind is that cardio exercises should not be done on an empty stomach.
  2. Does the diet really work? The benefits of the diet have been discussed for years but there isn’t a single study proving whether or not it actually works. The best course of action, if you are going to lose kilos, is to do a combination of diet and high resistance training.
  3. Sex can burn calories and lose weight! Sex is exercise for a long time. Although it burns calories, there isn’t actually a lot of weight to lose because the average session lasts less than 10 minutes, yet it does not provide a perfect physical workout.
  4. How to Lose Kilos When you have limited time? to lose weight, unfortunately it cannot happen overnight. But, if you are facing a time crunch and aim to lose weight soon, the best moves you can take will be some high-interval training (HIIT) and moderately fast exercises like jogging that have been shown to change your body composition in less time.
  5. Drinking water helps with weight loss? It has always been said that drinking water can fill your appetite and prevent you from eating junk food. It has also been proven to lose weight. According to a study conducted in Australia, people who drank up to two cups of water before exercise lost an additional 4.5 kilograms.
  6. How long before you start gaining weight again? It’s easy to lose weight if you have a regular exercise routine but the only real risk is when you stop following it. Our body has a unique way of accepting new weight, and sensing what’s called “kilojoules”.
  7. Is avoiding carbohydrates at night useful? The golden rule for losing weight is to stay away from carbs but not all carbs are bad. A recent obesity study found that people who changed carbohydrates and avoided eating after 7 lost more weight than those who did not.
  8. Losing sleep gain weight? Yes, it happens often. When you lose sleep for days on end, you also lose the energy needed to carry out daily tasks and make up for this.

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