6 Ways of Honoring Your Husband Today

Honoring your spouse is very important for a peaceful marriage.

Honor is important to both spouses, but honoring your husband especially speaks to his heart.

It is global. Women should be loved, and men should be respected. Unfortunately, wives often do not realize how insulting their husbands are.

I know I didn’t. For the longest time, I thought that as long as I was just that quiet wife who never spoke, I respected her.

Boy, I was wrong.

Honoring your husband is much more than your words. Disrespect often comes out of our mouths, but it is often a state of the heart.

Honoring someone means that you highly respect your spouse. You treat him as a person of value, without limits.

Do you hold your husband in high esteem?

Reading Facebook groups for marriage makes me sad. Many wives struggle to love and respect their husbands.

Many of them no longer love their husbands. However, what they don’t realize is that love and respect are a decision you can make and a matter of your heart.

Honoring your husband means changing your mind about him. We need to see our husband in the light of what God is doing.

God sees your husband as a child he loves. He knows your husband’s flaws and failures and knows when he’s causing you pain.

Recently, while I was praying because of some hurt I had, God revealed something to me.

Here are 6 Ways You Can Start Honoring Your Husband Today.

1.Make a list of his good qualities

We were married for 3 years the first time I did this exercise, and I found it very difficult to find any good qualities about my husband.

Not only did this shock me, but I realized how negative I had become. Make a list of good things about your spouse. Write at least ten things.

2.Make an effort with the small stuff

As someone once said, “Everything is small.” Take your time to listen and spend time with your spouse. Be his friend. Learn his love language, and ask that you love him in his language.

3.Become a student of your spouse

Make an effort to get to know your spouse. Study your husband and discover what he likes and dislikes. Find out his favorite meal and then prepare it.

4.Work on improving yourself

Don’t let yourself go after marriage. Take care of your health and appearance.

You want your husband to be proud of you when you are out in public. Also, don’t compromise on all of your interests.

Make an effort to grow as an individual, closer to God, and use the talents He has given you.

5.Treat him as someone very special

I always find it ironic that we give our best to friends and strangers rather than our spouse and family.

Treat your husband like a very special person, because he is.

Dr. Gary Smalley writes, “If you give a high enough value to someone, that person will usually move to justify that value.”

it’s the truth. What you expect from someone is always what they become.

6.Seek forgiveness if you have wronged him

Be humble. No one is perfect and you are sure to make your share of mistakes. When you fail and let him down, then apologize.

A marriage in which forgiveness is sought and granted is an example of God’s love.