5 Healthy Relationship Habits For a Long-Lasting Relationship


Happy couples practice these healthy relationship habits

Let me tell you a story about Sarah and Nasser and their healthy relationship habits.

Sarah and Nasser are the real names of the couple who live in the house next to us.

Sarah and Nasser are in their 70s, and when you see them, there’s only one thought in your head:

“They are dedicated to each other.”

just imagine.

Smart and sometimes grumpy, he loves his garden and wateres it 4 times a day during the summer days.

The best time of the day is when she is sitting on the sofa with a book in her hands.

They both scream after their naughty dog ​​every day. I’ve never heard them arguing, but I think after nearly 50 years of marriage, that’s something you can’t measure – most older people mumble something short and strong to get their husbands to understand the point.



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