4 foods that help for stress problem


It is normal to get relief if you feel stressed.

While episodic stress episodes are difficult to avoid, excessive stress can seriously affect your physical and emotional health.
It may also increase the risk of heart disease and depression.

Of course, there are some foods and drinks that have stress-relieving properties.

Add to your diet the 18 foods and drinks that I will offer you that will ease your stress.

Matcha powder

Green tea powder is popular among the health-conscious because it is rich in L-theanine, known to form an amino acid with powerful stress relieving properties.

However, matcha is a better source of the amino acid than other types of green tea, because it is made from green tea leaves grown in the shade. They increase their content of some compounds, including L-theanine.

Human and animal studies have revealed that matcha has a role in reducing stress if its L-theanine content is high enough and caffeine is low.

Given an example of a 15-day research, 36 people ate cookies consisting of 4.5 grams of matcha powder daily. You report a significant decrease in activity
The salivary stress marker alpha-amylase, compared to placebo subjects.



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